Reflx Lab Pro 100 Colour Negative Film 220


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Respooled from Aerocolor 2460

  • Fine grain
  • Medium saturation, medium contrast
  • Daylight balanced film, best for outdoor photography

Quantity: 1 Roll

Film Format: 220 Colour Negative

ISO: 100

Process: C-41 (This can also be cross-processed using E6, resulting in slide film (colour transparency))

Film Review – HERE

**To prevent any potential light leaks during the initial exposure, kindly load the film in a dimly lit environment, as the clear polyester base makes it susceptible to such leaks from the film leader. We highly recommend utilising a tank development method or dip and dunk for optimal results. If you prefer a roller transport processor, we advise switching off the lights in your workspace before inserting the film into the machine.

Please note that our film is respooled using recycled backing paper, which may result in various brands being present within the packaging. This variation is entirely normal and does not affect the film’s performance or quality.

What is the difference between 120 and 220 film?

120 and 220 film are almost the same except 220 is twice longer. Unlike 120 film, which typically provides 12 or 16 exposures, 220 film offers 24 or 32 exposures, making it ideal for photographers who want to maximize their shooting capacity. However, because of its longer length, 220 film requires cameras with specific film backs designed to accommodate the larger number of frames.

Some labs are kind enough to charge the same fee for processing 120 and 220; in that case, it is more economical to shoot 220 film.

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