Square Lens Hood Set for Hasselblad Xpan 45mm [Regular Shipping ONLY]


Replacement lens hood for Hasselblad Xpan or Fujifilm TX panoramic cameras

Introducing our premium lens accessory set, featuring a durable metal lens hood and a matching lens cap. With its sleek black matte finish and robust construction, this lens hood offers superior solidity compared to traditional plastic hoods.

Crafted with precision, the hood is specifically designed to snugly fit onto the 45mm f/4 lens, ensuring optimal performance. It is also compatible with both the first and second editions of the 45mm lens, providing versatility for photographers.

Experience the protection for your lens with this top-notch metal lens hood set. Elevate your photography gear with its exceptional design and compatibility.

Lens hood is made from aluminium

**does not include camera and lens

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